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About Us

The Ililewa (I-lee-lei-wa) family of companies manufactures and distributes luxury natural brands, direct and to the trade, and advises independent and maker brands.  


The company was founded by a pair of global travelers who developed a transformative understanding of exceptional natural ingredients that yield extraordinary results.  Their love of travel and culture, combined with their desire to create exceptional products, gave birth to Ililewa. The company’s brands are cross-cultural, intelligent and naturally indulgent. They celebrate the beauty of every ethnicity, class, and culture.


Each Ililewa product is crafted from globally sourced responsibly curated ingredients to deliver extraordinary results without a hint of compromise.  With an artisan’s touch, our small-batch products are expertly blended without sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, artificial dyes, or scents.  We respect our global village and internationally build symbiotic relationships with the communities from which we source our ingredients.  Our goal is straightforward: to deliver superior products that showcase the inherent beauty of each individual, culture and geographic region, and doing so with the utmost respect for the environment we all share.

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